In 2011 HaCas sponsored for the first time the ROPARUN with a truck and driver for the team “Systeemhuis Compri”. As a France specialist a logical choice!

Roparun 2011 2011


For ROPARUN 2012 a trailer was made available to team 250 of “Bouman GGZ” in Rotterdam. Together with the DAF 105 demotruck from TTA Truckland the combination attracted, after bunk beds and a kitchenette were installed, a lot of admiring glances from the other participants. Because of this the team could finish the relay-race from Paris to Rotterdam en has collected € 22.500,- for the charity.

2012 2012 2012


In 2013 HaCas Transport b.v. has sponsored the team of the NHTV. From the NHTV, logistical department, HaCas gets regularly interns. And Hacas is proud again, to have been a part of ànd has made a contribution to the ROPARUN 2013!

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